“A More Prosperous Community” isn’t a pipe dream. It’s the promise and challenge of citizenship. Effective public policy empowers each of us to contribute to a healthy, equitable and prosperous community. Essential to this goal is a commitment to education, comprehensive transportation, and growing economic opportunity for all.

Build a Better Transportation System:
When it comes to roads, bridges and our transportation system, you get what you pay for. For decades our elected leaders have refused to make the necessary decisions to maintain our infrastructure and plan for the future, making our economy suffer because of it.

As your Senator, I will work tirelessly to fund maintenance of our infrastructure and to plan for the future so we don’t get left behind. Enough of the short term patches, it’s time for a long-term solution.

Invest in Education:
Every child deserves a world class education, our community has a long history of providing that. However, we can do more. Education starts early, we need to ensure everybody in our community has access to high quality, affordable pre-school and early childhood education.

We’re blessed with fantastic schools in our district and we need to empower our teachers to make the decisions they need to best teach our students. No more budget gimmicks, the only thing our schools should worry about is what’s best for our students.

Property Taxes:
As your Senator, my utmost priority is to be a good steward with your tax dollars. Making sound budget decisions and practicing diligent fiscal responsibility is vital.

Our taxes pay for the services that make our community so great, there should never be a surprise hike in property taxes or a cut back in services as long as we’re responsible with our resources.


Families: Family values are universal, but often get lost in the political battles in St. Paul. As your Senator, I’ll advocate for new mothers to receive paid maternity leave, equal pay for women, affordable high quality care for our children and a living wage so everybody can provide for their families.

What issues matter the most to you?

I want to hear about your priorities. What’s most important to you? What do you care about? What would you like to see happen in our community and in our state?